Current In Dev Game: Project Mahru

Wizard Warrior Male Mask Wrecko GameWhy You Fight …

Your parents are dead. Your world lies in ruin. Little, if any, hope of victory over evil remains. Dark forces, led by the wizard-lord Nero, have taken over much of the land you call home and enslaved its people. Battles rage over the world’s Mahru reservoirs, the source of all magic. This dark army must be stopped.

The Resistance has been formed to fight this evil. You have enlisted. Your first deployment is to the Wastelands where you must protect a critical Mahru cache from falling into the wrong hands.


Built Exclusively For TabletsWizard Warrior Female Sword Wrecko Game

This is the ultimate touch-device game, built from the ground up as a tablet-only experience. Use touch technology like you never have before.

Our game propels you into a military fantasy where magic is your weapon of choice. You are a badass wizard that has been tasked with being the eye-in-the-sky of the Resistance.

Experience a rich magical world, filled with incredible creatures from ancient realms. Fight battles your way by strategically selecting your arsenal of spells. Fight alongside fellow Resistance fighters in cooperative play. Find out if you have what it takes to survive a sorcerer’s war.

Wizard-Warrior-Male-Staff coming soon