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HIRING NOW: Unity3D FX/VFX Artist (Full-Time Contract)

We are a mobile gaming studio located in Montreal, looking to hire a contract (for 4-6 weeks) Unity3D FX/VFX Artist to join our team. You must be based in Montreal to apply for this position.

Your job would be to create and implement the assets for our in-game spell visuals. You must be able to produce VFX in Unity3D and be able to implement them in Unity3D. We have a total of 16 spells that need to be created and implemented in our game.

TO APPLY: Email your resume to the following address: careers@wreckostudios.com


Wrecko Studios is currently working on launching an iPad game set in a magical world at war. If you’re into fantasy worlds, magic, dragons, magical beasts, epic cities and castles, you should apply for this job.

Here are some example concept art & characters from our game:


You will be creating and implementing magic spell effects in our iPad game. Our game relies heavily on magic spells and we need someone who can create fantastic magical effects in Unity3D.

Job Responsibilities

  • Create and work with programmers to integrate VFX assets into Unity3D engine, primarily for magic and spell effects in a fantasy game
  • Create and implement real-time particle effects and animated shaders
  • Model, texture, animate, light and optimize VFX assets under direction of Lead Artist
  • Maintain a consistent art style under the direction of the Lead Artist
  • Be willing to learn (and teach) new tools and techniques
  • Collaborate with Designers, Programmers and other members of the art team and work closely with the tools and engine departments
  • Be meticulous and organized in the approach to tasks, adhering to pipeline workflow

Job Application Requirements

  • Proficiency with Unity’s FX system
  • Good knowledge of Photoshop
  • Able to conceptualize and animate natural and fantastical effects (water, smoke, foliage, dust, fabric, spells, and explosions)
  • Experienced with 3D studio Max and/or Maya
  • Developed artistic sense
  • Positive attitude and desire to work on a team
  • Good knowledge of scripting languages is considered a plus
  • Passion for video games.

Interested? Email your resume to the following address: careers@wreckostudios.com

Thank you! Good luck!

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