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Easy Short Gig: iPad Video Game Play Testers Wanted @ Wrecko!

We are looking for 10 people to help us test our iPad game. We are a Montreal-based game studio, launching our first game. We need a few people to play our game so we can figure out how to make it better.


This is a temporary short-term gig. All we ask you to do is come into our office for ~30-40 minutes once per week. We will have you play our game for about 10-15 minutes, and ask you a few questions afterwards for about 15-20 minutes.

You will be compensated 50$ for your time, which will be paid after we’re done each day.


You should be between the ages of 18-35. You should know how to use an iPad. You do ***NOT*** need to be a hardcore gamer to apply. If you play some mobile games, great – if not, no big deal.


In order to apply for this, you need to live in Montreal and be wiling to come to our offices downtown in-person. We are located near the Square-Victoria metro.

You must commit to showing up once each week at our office for 45 minutes, for 4 continuous weeks. You can choose to show up on any of these dates, between 10:00AM and 5:00PM:

  • – TEST SESSION #1: May 26 or 27
  • – TEST SESSION #2: June 2 or 3
  • – TEST SESSION #3: June 9 or 10
  • – TEST SESSION #4: June 16 or 17

If you are selected, we will call you to discuss your preferred dates for play testing.


In order to apply for this job, please fill in the form below.

iPad Game Testing Application Form

Please fill in the form below in order to apply for the testing work described in this post. We will contact you to schedule your test session within a maximum of 48 hours of reception.

Your Name (required)

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Your Age (required)

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Your Availability

Please tell us why you think you would be good for this work and indicate your preferred availability date for each of the 4 test session (one date per week).

The test sessions dates are (you must submit one date per session):

  • TEST SESSION #1: Choose between May 26 or 27
  • TEST SESSION #2: Choose between June 2 or 3
  • TEST SESSION #3: Choose between June 9 or 10
  • TEST SESSION #4: Choose between June 16 or 17

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